Protect your parts

Anti-corrosion packaging for metal parts

The largest UK manufacturer of anti-corrosion packaging and masking cover solutions.

Our VCI bags, VCI papers, VCI liquids, VCI masking covers, desiccants and foil bags each year protect over £1BILLION of automotive parts in transit and storage.

  • 1/2 million VCI bags in stock.
  • 1 million masking bags made every year.
  • Bespoke packaging solutions available.
  • Competitive prices, short lead times, expert advice.
  • Our VCI is the most environmentally sustainable and occupationally safe anywhere in the world.

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Metpro VCI Film & VCI Bags

VCI film, VCI bags, VCI paper, VCI packaging, & VCI liquids. Contact us today for free samples and technical advice.

Halo VCI Packaging VCI Packaging Products

Halo VCI & Halo+ VCI bags

Effective, Reliable, Sustainable, Less plastic, more power Packaging tax exempt

Industrial Packaging

VCI Liquids

Our water based VCI liquids offer the highest level of VCI protection for all stages of your manufacturing process, from (1) processing, to (2) cleaning and (3) packing.

VCI Liquids

Specialist Masking & Component Covers

Stock and bespoke masking covers - a quick, easy-to-fit solution to mask individual components or protect parts of larger components during transit or storage. Available in a range of materials.

VCI Masking Covers

Re-useable Drum & Pallet Covers

Anti-static drum covers protect the contents of any size drum from contamination. Available in a range of materials and sizes: from 10L up to 400L.

Drum Covers

Packaging tax will soon be enforced. Act now.

All our VCI films contain 30% recycled material and are Packaging Tax Exempt.

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VCI Experts

VCI export packaging specialists. Our FREE lab tests and FREE technical support ensures that our VCI packaging will always protect your parts from corrosion.

Global Support

Haver Plastics Packaging Technologists are part of the Metpro Group of Packaging Technologists which means we can manage any supplier visit anywhere in the world.