Our VCI Packing products are an invaluable addition to many export or long-term storage packs.

They increase the level of VCI in the pack and can be added or replaced at intervals to ensure longevity of packs.

Fast acting, long lasting and provide outstanding multi-metal protection.

  • VCI Power cards: Credit card sized VCI boards that are highly impregnated with VCI. One card is suitable for up to 50L pack space.
  • VCI Board: Card board cut to any size impregnated with VCI, this type of product is ideally suited for long term storage of parts and components.
  • VCI Foams: Water-based VCI foam is formulated to protect expensive and delicate electronic equipment, components, and heavy machineries.
  • VCI Sachets: VCI Sachets give extended metal corrosion protection. VCI Sachets are available in 1, 5, 10gram sachets.
  • VCI Emitters: VCI Emitters contain impregnated board inside an easy to install plastic holder. Used commonly in electrical boxes, cabinets and control panels.
  • VCI Tablets: VCI Tablets are formed from VCI powder and are an efficient way of protecting metals from corrosion within a package.


At Haver Plastics we provide a wide range of anti-corrosion packaging solutions for transit and storage.