Anti-corrosion packaging protects your metal parts in transit

Anti-corrosion packaging

When your business depends on keeping metal parts protected in transit then regular packaging is not viable.

To ensure your parts remain in tack regardless of their shipping destination and the time kept in storage, you need a specialist anti-corrosion solution.

At Haver Plastics our Halo and Halo+ VCI films and bags provide hi-tech protection to a wide range of metal parts. From automotive parts to industrial machine components. We guarantee protection from rust in transit or storage.


If you’re new to the concept of VCI packaging (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors) then you might like to take a look at our VCI Paper and Film Packaging Explained page. It outlines the technology used in our products.


Haver plastics are the UK’s leading supplier of export packaging products. We take an engineering approach to anti-corrosion packaging design and provide a free Packaging Review Consultancy Service.


There is often unpredictability in the length of time between packaging a product for shipment and it being finally commissioned for use. So it is essential that the packaging methods used are sufficient to allow for unexpected delays or even a change of destination or type of storage. If any moisture penetrates the outer package or the environment becomes damp then you need a robust barrier in place.


From our UK base we have been providing export packaging solutions for decades to some of the worlds leading automotive organisations. They ship millions of dollars worth of metal parts globally and rely on our expertise, VCI packaging products and a partnership of support and trust.


Contact Haver Plastics for information on how we can help provide the right packaging solution for your business.


As well as our range of VCI products Haver Plastics also provide a wide range of protective covers to help protect and preserve valuable items in storage.

Packaging tax will soon be enforced. Act now.

All our VCI films contain 30% recycled material and are Packaging Tax Exempt.

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