Anti-Static Drum Covers

Protect flammable drum contents from the environment.

Re-useable elasticated drum covers protect the contents of drums from dirt, dust, moisture, insects and other contaminants, and from cross-contamination during production.

They are a necessary and cost-effective way of ensuring health and safety procedures in your factory are as up-to-date with best practice as possible. They are an essential part of the operations managers toolkit to protect drums in many electronics, chemicals, inks, paints, pharmaceuticals and food facilities.

They are easy to apply and simply snap over the drum lid. Anti-static drum covers protect flammable drum contents from the environment. The covers also protect your drums from water/contamination ingress if stored outside.

  • Cost effective, reusable, durable snap on protection
  • Best practice health and safety solutions – extra protection against user fallibility
  • Contains evaporates and airborne particulates & prevents cross-contamination
  • Easy slip-on/ slip-off inspection of container contents
  • Designed to fit tight-head or open top drums
  • A wide range of sizes available from 100mm to 2000mm
  • Covering drums from 10 to 500L
  • Ideal for pails, drums, mixing vessels, IBC’s etc