Barrier foil bags

A highly effective corrosion prevention solution for any moisture sensitive item.

With an inner layer of aluminium, barrier foil bags are flexible tin cans that seal your products from the environment.

The aluminium foil protects products from moisture and oxygen ingress, which in turn prevents corrosion. It also protects products from aggressive gasses, odour transfer and temperature extremes.

Foil bags are commonly used to pack machinery, engineering parts, electronics, telecom equipment, automotive parts, instruments, and medical devices.


  • Competitive prices
  • Any size available
  • No minimum order quantity


  • Available in different material combinations, each offering a different level of barrier protection. They are heat sealable and are also available with a grip lock or zipper for re-closable applications.
  • 3D foil bags: are available in different barrier materials. They are custom made to suit individual requirements and are generally used to line cases or pack larger items. 3D foil bags are heat sealable.
VCI barrier for export packaging