Halo+ VCI Film & Bags

Less Plastic. More Power.

Halo+ VCI film offers the same proven corrosion protection as standard Halo VCI film and improved film strengths.

It is co-extruded and made in Metpro’s own factory from a proprietary, hi-VCI dose, premium polymer-blend which has puncture strengths 3x that of standard VCI film.  This means you can use less polythene and still have the same material strengths and corrosion protection as a standard VCI bag.  This will save you money, this will reduce your overall polythene use and this will reduce the CO2 emissions from manufacture and transport of your VCI bags. It really is: Less Plastic. More Power


Halo & Halo+ VCI film is available from 25 to 250 microns thick, supplied as:


  • Sheeting on reels or cut sheets in widths from 50mm to 12meters wide.
  • Tubing from 75mm to 6 meters wide.
  • Flat and gusseted bags with a maximum opening of 6 meters.
  • Skin, stretch and shrink film.
  • Elasticated masking bags and caps.
  • Drawstring bags & Bubble films.
  • Plain or coloured film, printed with your company logo.

Packaging Tax Exempt

All our Halo VCI films are supplied with 30% recycled polymer included and are all Packaging Tax Exempt