Plastic Packaging Tax

The UK Plastic Packaging Tax which aims to encourage greater use of recycled plastic and help tackle plastic waste.

If you use more than 10 tonnes per annum, then you will need to keep records or you will be liable to pay a £200 per tonne tax.

Packaging Tax Exempt


If you are confused about the UK plastic packaging tax then Haver Plastics can help.  We are the only manufacturer that has all their VCI products available Packaging Tax Exempt which means you pay )% packaging tax.  All our VCI Films contain 30% recycled film and are exempt from any Packaging Tax charges.  Haver Plastics is registered on the HMRC website for Packaging Tax and our invoices include all the weight and material content information you need to be packaging Tax compliant.


This means you can order from us with the confidence and security that your tax obligations are paid.

If you have any questions on your Plastic Tax obligations you can call one of our Technical Staff today and we can help you meet the requirements of the Plastic Tax.  Pur consultants will work with you to:


  • Review the plastic packaging products you purchase
  • Gather the content data including evidence of recycled content in packaging components
  • Produce quarterly Packaging Tax returns for your Company
  • Explore alternative packaging options for those items that do not include 30% recycled content or which can be re-engineered to reduce the plastic part of the packaging.


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