VCI Packaging

Anti-corrosion VCI bags, films, paper and liquids for the protection and prevention of corrosion to ferrous and non-ferrous metals, parts or products.

Industrial Packaging

It is up to us to protect your valuable goods. Our meticulous approach to industrial packaging will protect your products from handling, corrosion & vapour when they are in transit, storage or are being exported.

Masking Covers

Our elasticated masking and component cover products protect hard-to-protect parts from corrosion, dust and dirt when in storage or when being transported.

Drum Covers

Our re-useable elasticated polythene drum covers, pallet covers and box container covers are manufactured from anti-static, waterproof or breathable films. They will protect your valuable drum contents from their environment.

Polythene Films & Refuse Sacks

Our high quality industrial packaging polythene bags, refuse sacks and tough, lightweight Poly20-20 films provide you with the choice of price, quality and strength.