Speciality Papers

Our range of speciality papers is suitable for all industrial packing jobs as well as export packing of parts.

  • Kraft Union Paper: linear paper reinforced with bitumen used as a waterproof liner for pallets and cases. Available in rolls or sheets in 120 to 210 gsm
  • Self-Seal Kraft Paper: Kraft paper which only sticks to itself and leaves no residue when removed. Available in 70 to 100 gsm.
  • Corrugated Board: Can be cut to form a variety of different shapes. Deliverable in rolls or sheets, available single or double faced.
  • Fabric Reinforced Paper: A woven polypropylene reinforced paper laminate commonly used as a heavy-duty export packing case liner. Supplied on rolls from 150 to 190 gsm, waterproof and with VCI treatment on request.
  • Waxed Engineering Paper: Waxed Kraft paper, available with VCI and one-side wax to form an additional moisture barrier. Grease and oil resistant. Supplied on rolls in 50 to 150 gsm.
  • Jute Paper: Bitumen-laminated liner paper with hessian. A heavy duty (375 gsm) export packaging box liner. Available in rolls or sheets.