Be SUSTAINABLE with Haver Plastics

At Haver Plastics we’re committed to operating an efficient and sustainable business; and contributing towards achieving a low-carbon economy.

As a packaging producer and supplier of plastics, we work hard to ensure that our products are produced responsibly and used and disposed of sensibly. Our packaging bags are recyclable, and we provide customers with clear guidance and support with storing, re-using and recycling our products.


We’re proud to have achieved the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and ISO 9001 Quality Management standards, which reflect the high standards of our people, products and service.


Our VCI packaging products are food grade approved, safe to handle, and the only VCI packaging worldwide that is food use approved. Amine and nitrite free, the chemical extracts used in the Corrosion Inhibitors are produced from natural ingredients such as milk, coconut and pineapples.


Halo + – Less plastic. More power.


We have invested in the latest co-extrusion technologies, which enable us to supply thinner, stronger VCI polythene packaging – using less material while providing the same level of corrosion protection. 


Halo + VCI film is manufactured from a proprietary blend of hi-puncture strength polythenes.  It is supplied 30% thinner than standard VCI polythene, but it has higher puncture strengths than the polythene it replaces, even though it is 30% thinner.  It has a higher VCI dose so it really is: Less Plastic & More Power.  This lighter VCI packaging is easier to handle, cheaper to transport and reduces CO2 emissions.