VCI Paper and Film Packaging explained - Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors

At Haver Plastics we are UK experts in VCI packaging and our high level of technical support ensures we always supply the correct corrosion resistant packaging to protect your products.

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What is VCI?

VCI is a corrosion inhibiting chemical used to protect untreated ferrous metals against corrosion. We impregnate it into packaging products, and used correctly VCI will prevent your metal parts from corroding. It is a long established and proven packing product that has been used throughout the automotive and steel industries for over 80 years.



Is it safe?

Our VCI is 100% safe to use and undetectable on your metals. Our new Biotect™ VCI is nitrite free, is FDA approved for food use, and is the safest VCI available to handle and pack with anywhere in the world.



When Would I Use VCI Packaging?

When storing or transporting bare metal parts for any length of time. VCI packs protect metal parts from corrosion during work-in-progress, storage or transit. VCI packaging replaces messy oil or grease coatings that have to be washed off later: simply putting parts in our VCI bags, or wrapping parts in our VCI film or paper sheet, stops rust forming on your metals and this means clean parts can be delivered trackside, ready to use whenever and however you need them.



How does VCI work?

VCI packs slowly release corrosion inhibiting compounds within a sealed airspace. These chemicals actively prevent surface corrosion by forming a microscopic, undetectable layer on top of the metal inside the packs, which blocks the electro-chemical process that creates rust – VCI passivates the electron flow between the anodic and cathodic areas on metal surfaces. VCI offers total protection on all metal surfaces, it saturates the air inside the bag and penetrates into crevices, slots and otherwise unreachable areas of the metal parts.



Do I Need to Pack the Parts in Any Specific Way?

Yes, metal parts packed into VCI films need to be dry, free from corrosion and packed at room temperature. Contact us today for more specific advice on how to pack your parts.



How Do I Store VCI paper or film bags?

VCI bags, stored indoors, out of direct sunlight, in their original wrapping will be suitable to use for up to 2 years.



How Long Will the VCI Work For?

Used correctly VCI products will protect the metals inside from corrosion for up to five years. Contact us for specific information regarding VCI protection.



Unsure that VCI will protect your metal parts from corrosion?

We offer free lab testing to validate and prove the effectiveness of our VCI packaging. Using an accelerated corrosion chamber, we can simulate transit and storage conditions on your metal, to put the VCI to the test. Contact our team to find out more.



What types of VCI packaging do Haver Plastics supply?   

We offer a range of industrial packaging solutions to protect metal products and parts of all shapes and sizes. Our VCI products include VCI films from 25 to 250 microns thick; elasticated, drawstring and flat VCI bags; rolls and sheets of VCI paper; VCI liquids for corrosion protection during all stages of metal treatment; and additional packing products including VCI power cards, boards, sachets and tablets. See our VCI packaging products for more details. 


Packaging tax will soon be enforced. Act now.

All our VCI films contain 30% recycled material and are Packaging Tax Exempt.

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Why Use or Switch to Haver Plastics VCI Film or Paper

We are simply the best at protecting your metal parts and providing valuable VCI Export Packaging Information


  • Superior Technology: Our VCI is proven in independent tests to be the most effective corrosion preventative VCI film and paper available worldwide. Contact us today for proven, independent validation of this claim.
  • Safest VCI: Our BioTect VCI is the safest VCI available worldwide. It is the only VCI film independently approved to protect metal parts that come into contact with food.
  • Superior VCI Packaging Technical Support: Our VCI products are supplied with the most rigorous technical support available anywhere in the UK, including free lab testing to validate and prove the VCI packaging works. This testing is specific for each packaging recommendation, it is rigorous, and unique amongst VCI suppliers. Parts are tested according to DIN EN IEC 60068-2-30 standards.
  • Pre-Sales Support: Our staff are specifically trained to offer advice on VCI packaging, we have a PHd level Corrosion Scientist in the Company as well as Packaging Technologists, each with over 10 years’ experience packing metal parts. Our Packaging Engineers can assist with the preparation and packing of test shipments, including a data recorder to track the climate conditions.
  • After-Sales Support: Our worldwide partners ensure that wherever you are sending a part, if it is in our VCI, we will be able to supply a Packaging Technologist to check the state of the pack once it is delivered – anywhere in the world.
  • Free Training: We offer support to all your staff, from packaging sales staff to production operatives: we offer free training covering what VCI is and how to correctly specify VCI packaging.
  • Continuous Supply: We ensure you are never let down. We plan schedules with our customers’ and put stockholding of their parts in place on site at Haver or consignment stock on site at customers. We hold over ½ million VCI bags and paper reels in stock in our UK warehouse to ensure that if the need arises we will always have a packaging product for your part.