Free Packaging Review Consultancy Service

Our technologists will review your packaging requirements and ensure you use the correct materials to save your business packaging spend without reducing performance

An engineering approach to packaging design

We take an engineering approach to packaging design. We measure the stress the packaging has to perform under and compare it to the strengths of the existing packaging. We measure the performance of the packaging, we quantify the possible transit damage, and if necessary, we test the corrosion capability of the packaging. The result is data which underpins our packaging recommendations, ensures the correct packaging is specified for the parts and this means that our customers only notice one thing – the reduced cost.

We look at improved purchasing through stockholding review, an audit of inventory and purchasing process and purchasing trigger points. We are able to We monitor your inventory for you and provide inventory alerts, same-day shipping and supply products before you even know you need them.


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We offer a free packaging review designed to reduce the cost of your packaging without reducing performance.